Can-Am are a Canadian company manufacturing some of the highest quality ATV’s and SSV’s on the market. Can-Am’s are renowned for their performance and reliability, performing even under the harshest Australian conditions. They have a huge range of farm and recreational vehicles for a wide variety of applications. To find out more about Can-Am you can view the full range here, or contact us today.


Sea-Doo are the number one watercraft in the world: As the industry leader, Sea-Doo is committed to providing ultimate fun on the water. For more than twenty-five years, Sea-Doo watercraft have stood at the forefront of the industry. The list of firsts continues to build, and all our accomplishments have had one simple goal – to give all our customers a memorable and enjoyable water experience. view the full range here, or contact us today.


Ski-Doo are also a Canadian company owned by BRP, producing top quality snowmobiles. Similarly to Can-Am, Ski-Doo are renowned for their high performance and reliability. We can supply all models from the Ski-Doo range, with a variety of different engines and configurations. Ski-Doo manufacture both 2-stroke and 4-stroke Rotax engine snowmobiles. To find out more about Ski-Doo you can view the full range here, or contact us today.


We stock a wide range of Rato generators and pumps, which are quiet and small while still delivering exceptional power. If you have any questions about Rato pumps and generators, contact us today!


Narva are one of the world’s largest auto electrical component manufacturers. They produce wiring, trailer plugs, globes and a huge range of other top quality lighting and electrical components. We stock Narva at Arkon as they produce good quality, reliable components that we can trust. To find out more about the Narva range click here. For a quote or more information about any product, contact us.


Hella are one of the worlds largest lighting product manufacturers, with a long history producing quality products. Hella produce a wide range of original manufacturer components as well as a aftermarket lighting accessories and components. To find out more about the range of Hella products, click here. For a quote on any product or for more information, contact us.


Redarc are an Australian company producing a wide range of electrical accessories including solar power solutions, dual battery systems, battery management systems, alarms, gauges and much more. Redarc were established over 35 years ago and have a reputation for producing top quality electronic components. Redarc are specialists in four-wheel drive and motorhome electronic accessories. For more information about their products click here. For a quote on any product, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Bond are our exclusive battery supplier at Arkon Auto Electrical & Instruments. Our team have learnt to trust particular brands as they’re know for their quality and reliability, this is why we choose Bond. Bond produce batteries for cars, four-wheel drives, machinery, earthmoving equipment and much more. For a quote on a battery for your vehicle, contact us today.


Wabco are one of the world leaders in technology for commercial vehicles and focus on safety and efficiency with all products. Wabco produce top quality products for trucks, buses, trailers, earthmoving equipment and much more. Wabco products include brake systems, actuators, compressors, stability control and aerodynamic components. For more information about the Wabco range, click here. For a quote on any components, contact us.


BPW Transpec have been providing exceptional products for the road transport, mining and agricultural industries for over 65 years. Their comprehensive range is engineered to last, providing higher levels of sustained performance and lower maintenance costs, giving you more bang for your buck with your vehicle investments. For a quote on any components, contact us.


Haldex have over a century of experience in the manufacture of innovative and reliable brake and air suspension systems that prioritise safety and durability for heavy vehicle’s. Haldex work with many truck, bus and trailer manufacturers across the globe, and also provide aftermarket parts and kits. If you have any questions about Haldex, contact us today!


For over 110 years Knorr-Bremse has pioneered the development and manufature of state-of-the-art braking systems and additional sub-systems for rail and commercial vehicles. With a wide range of products covering many industries, Knorr-Bremse have the experience and resources to provide the highest quality products available.


As well as all the products listed above, at Arkon we keep a huge range of products on hand from a many other suppliers for a variety of electrical applications. If you need anything electrical related, please don’t hesitate to contact us.